Tapco Mix 120
Tapco Mix 120
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More mixer for your money.
The ultra-compact Mix Series are the answer for budget-conscious folks who refuse to sacrifice sound quality or reliability just to save a dime. Four models suit a variety of needs from desktop recording stations to smaller live gigs - for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. All four feature high quality sound, solid construction, and eye-catching cosmetics. See for yourself - pick one up at your local TAPCO dealer and check out why the Mix Series simply smashes the competition to bits.
No skimping on sound
With the Mix Series, you no longer need to trade affordability for quality sound. The Mix Series offer the best sounding preamps and EQ in their class, so you won't sound like an amateur, even if you're still learning your mixing chops. Four models offer a range of features to suit your particular application and budget, from the ultra-compact 5-channel Mix.50, to the 12-channel Mix.120.
Compact and portable
All that great sound potential is efficiently packed into a compact solid-steel chassis. It won't eat up your precious desktop space, and practically fits in a car's glove compartment for you sneaky types. And don't worry about taking it out on the road. The Mix Series is a durable performer you can trust for any small PA or remote recording assignment.
Intuitive design, comfortable to use
Small doesn't have to be cramped. We've made the most of the Mix Series by designing them to be comfortable to use by everybody - not just dwarves or kids under four years of age. The knobs and buttons are spaced intelligently, so if you don't have the slender fingers of a professional hand model, you wont have to use tweezers to do a tweak. And because they're TAPCO, the controls are presented in a way that simply makes sense to beginners and pros alike.
Utility, utility, utility...
The Mix Series mixers are the perfect, cost-effective solution for applications ranging from home/project recording to professional video editing suites, to sound education labs and more. Giving you all of the essentials, the Mix Series also offers conveniences like CD/tape I/O, super-accurate 4-segment Main Meters, phantom Power for professional-level condenser microphones and Active
Direct Boxes (Mix.60, 100 and 120 models only), and a Kensington security lock, making them perfect for schools, dorm rooms, small churches, and anywhere a no-nonsense, die-hard, quality sounding compact mixer is needed.
specifications :: Mix Series
For all you audio geeks out there who really want the nitty gritty details.
Frequency Response
Mic Input to any Output (Trim at 0 dB):

+0, –1 dB, 10 Hz to 150 kHz

–3 dB, 10 Hz to 200 kHz

THD and SMPTE IMD; 20Hz to 20kHz
Mic Input to Main Output: < 0.005% @ +4 dBu output

20 Hz to 20 kHz BW (150О© source impedance)
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN):

–129 dBu

Residual Output Noise
Channel and Main Mix levels off Main, Ctrl Room, Phones:

–106 dBu

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
Mic In: 60 dB @ 1 kHz Gain @ maximum

Adjacent Inputs or Input to Output:

–90 dB @ 1 kHz

Input Gain Control Range
0 dB to +50 dB

Phantom Power
+48 VDC

Mono Channel EQ (Mix.50 only):
High В±15 dB @ 12 kHz
Low В±15 dB @ 80 Hz
Mono Channel EQ (Mix.60, Mix.100, Mix.120)
Stereo Channel EQ (Mix.60):
High В±15 dB @ 12 kHz
Mid В±15 dB @ 2.5 kHz
Low В±15 dB @ 80 Hz

Mixer Rated Output
Main, Aux, Control Room: +4 dBu
Maximum Rated Output: +22 dBu

Maximum Input Levels
Mic Input: +12 dBu, Gain @ +10 dB
Line Input: +30 dBu, Gain @ +10 dB
Tape Input and Aux Returns: +22 dBu

Input Impedance
Mic Input: 2.6 kΩ, balanced
Line Input: 20 kΩ, balanced
Stereo Aux Returns: 20 kΩ, balanced
CD/Tape In: 24 kΩ, unbalanced

Output Impedance
Main: 240 Ω, balanced
120 Ω, unbalanced
Ctrl Room, Aux Sends: 120 Ω
Tape Output: 1 kΩ
Phones Output: 25 Ω

VU Meters
Main Left and Right
4 segments:

Clip (+18), +6, 0, –20

0 LED = 0 dBu

AC Power Requirements
External Power Supply output: 18.5 VAC x 2 @ 150 mA
(3-pin AC power connection)
External Power Supply AC input
U.S.: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Europe: 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Japan: 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Korea: 220 VAC, 60 Hz

Height: 1.6 in/41 mm
Width: 5.2 in/133 mm
Depth: 8.0 in/203 mm
Weight: 1.6 lb/0.7 kg
Height: 1.6 in/41 mm
Width: 7.4 in/188 mm
Depth: 9.9 in/252 mm
Weight: 2.7 lb/1.2 kg
Height: 1.6 in/41 mm
Width: 8.5 in/215 mm
Depth: 10.2 in/259 mm
Weight: 3.1 lb/1.4 kg
Height: 1.6 in/41 mm
Width: 10.7 in/272 mm
Depth: 10.2 in/259 mm
Weight: 3.9 lb/1.8 kg
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